Friday, 29 March 2013

Zeitgeist - The Spirit of The Age or Dangerous Void?

I decided to review "Zeitgist the Movie" as it had become apparent  recently, that sections of the on line "Alternative Media", had become "infused" with film's mindset.
Ten minutes was all I could manage before I decided to stop watching but I did see enough to draw a conclusion.

Zeitgeist is a clever promotion of "Chaos Magic"

According to the rules of chaos magic, I don't need to qualify that statement.
The rule is that there are no rules, but since the world, and more specifically, society, relies on rules, and most of us require some semblance of logical thought to draw conclusions on matters of religion or spirituality, I will.

The film primarily uses "Deconstructionism" although the Wiki entry for chaos magic, terms the process, "Discordianism".
Christianity is deconstructed while Eastern philosophy is introduced as the central or default belief system upon which the opinion of the film maker is based.
The opening sequence is a quote from eastern mystic, Rinpoche, and the "Christ myth Theory" is derived from the writings of DM Murdoch, better known as Acharya, which refers to spiritual teacher in Hinduism.

The fact that these claims are presented under the guise of a new kind of truth, along with 911 and NWO conspiracy theory, may be enough to convince some people of the use of magical techniques, but the very concept of "Zeitgeist", meaning "Spirit of the Age" denotes the state of flux that is typical of Chaos magic.

Vicar, Kevin Logan writes on chaos magic: "The very essence of chaos magic is a strong dislike of the doctrines and dogmas of the past, a freedom from any restraints, and a magic securely grounded in "what feels right"" (Paganism and the Occult p72)

There are lots of occult connections in Zeitgeist, either through the makers of the film or relating to the concept itself.

Believe it, or take it with a pinch of salt. I'm long past feeling the need to be apologetic about this stuff.

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