Tuesday, 28 May 2013

In the World of The Blind...

I decided to "follow" a well known preacher of radical Islam on twitter. It turned out that he was too busy making appearances on TV to tweet much, so I "un-followed" him again.
It was a pointless exercise apart from flagging up my name to the intelligence services. I'm sure they have a profile of me anyway and I have nothing to worry about. They're there to protect me, right?

I considered contacting the radical Islamist to try and establish if he condoned, or condemned, the murder of Lee Rigby. I decided against it.

Despite the normal emotional reactions to the events in Woolwich, there are reasons why my sensible side urges me not to cover this in too much depth.
My self imposed rules of engagement, discourage me entering into either side of a dialectic, and it is a dialectical argument!
If I were to write about my thoughts and feelings, I could risk either arrest by the authorities, or retribution from militant Muslims. Its just not worth it. There are too many pitfalls. It's not even my battle to fight, specifically.

So ill get back into the box again, where I can barely make out the image of the world around. That's loud enough and bright enough for me to contend with. In the meantime there may be some cogitation going on which might hit the keyboard for an airing, or it might not.

Monday, 27 May 2013

It's Jarg

My son came back from the market today wearing a "Hollister" T shirt which he purchased for £5
There's a word for that.

fake, unauthentic, shit, not very good. heavily popularised during the early-mid nineties in the Liverpool and surrounding areas
"your coat is jarg. you must have got that off the market."
Source: Urban dictionary

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Norman Dodd's Shocking and compelling Story

What do we make of this one then?

Norman Dodd worked as a junior officer at one of the "Morgan" banks during the 1929 crash. Despite promising career prospects, he felt unable to continue his work after he discovered that the banks were committed to "unsound" banking practices.

In 1953, he became director of research of the "Reece committee" which was commissioned by the house of representatives to determine whether the activities of the large tax exempt corporations were acting in a way which was "Un-American"

He provides a very lucid account of what happened there.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Britain Helped To Create Islamic Terror


This excellent series of videos by British documentary maker, Adam Curtis called "The Power Of Nightmares" accurately describes how the "War on Terror" was manufactured after the fashion of the cold war, in order that domestic population would remain compliant to the will of politicians. It is a long watch but worth the effort in my opinion.
The films compare the rise of the American Neo-Conservative movement and the radical Islamist movement, making comparisons on their origins and noting strong similarities between the two. More controversially, it argues that the threat of radical Islamism as a massive, sinister organised force of destruction, specifically in the form of al-Qaeda, is in fact a myth perpetrated by politicians in many countries—and particularly American Neo-Conservatives—in an attempt to unite and inspire their people following the failure of earlier, more utopian ideologies

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

FTSE 100 Index Highest Since September 2000

Sometimes you get a better idea what is going on, by not paying attention. It's a commonly accepted procedure in sound engineering to walk out of the room and listen from outside, to get an idea of what the sound is really like. How well can you hear the low frequencies? Do the highs cut through the mix?
So it is with economics at times, I tend to filter out most of the rubbish. It's like panto time with the crowd shouting, "It's (Prosperity) behind you" and the villain replying, "oh no it's not!"

The figures that are submitted to public scrutiny don't match up to reality. Look at the official rate of inflation (RPI or CPI, you choose) It does not tally up with the price increases we are seeing in the real world, for food, fuel, and normal everyday goods.
Usually, markets rely on trading for the index to move. When indexes move with little volume of trades, then there is a likely hood of what is termed, "market manipulation". This is when those who are at the heart of the system which determines the rate of a commodity or market, alter its value for their own gain.
The recent movement in gold prices are confusing. While you would expect gold to rise in a time of economic uncertainty, the recent fall defies real world logic but ties nicely with a conspiracy of the major finance houses to get their hands on your gold at bargain prices just before the economy nosedives.
Why should gold fall now, when the economic fortunes of most sovereign states is in decline?
A sharp fall usually triggers "stop losses", automatic trades designed to place a sell order in the case of a sudden fall in price. maybe the drop is a tree shaking exercise. I don't know. I just know that the manipulation is becoming  more blatant as time goes on.

Monday, 20 May 2013

How 'ard Was William The Conqueror?

Answer: Very 'ard indeed.

His invasion force landed at Pevensey in Sussex on 28 September and erected a wooden castle at Hastings, from which they raided the surrounding area. King Harold quickly marched south to confront him, leaving many of his forces behind in the north. On 14 October Harold's army confronted William's invaders near Hastings. After an all-day battle, Harold's army was defeated and he was killed. William therefore advanced, marching around the coast of Kent to London. He defeated an English force that attacked him at Southwark, but being unable to storm London Bridge he sought to reach the capital by a more circuitous route.
William moved up the Thames valley to cross the river at Wallingford, Berkshire; while there he received the submission of Stigand. William then travelled northeast along the Chilterns, before advancing towards London from the northwest, fighting further engagements against forces from the city. Having failed to muster an effective military response, Edgar's leading supporters lost their nerve, and the English leaders surrendered to William at Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.
William was acclaimed King of England and crowned by Ealdred on 25 December 1066, in Westminster Abbey. William remained in England until March, when he returned to Normandy with a number of English prisoners.

In 1067 rebels in Kent launched an abortive attack on Dover Castle in combination with Eustace II of Boulogne. In the same year the Shropshire landowner Eadric the Wild, in alliance with the Welsh rulers of Gwynedd and Powys, raised a revolt in western Mercia, fighting Norman forces based in Hereford. These events forced William to return to England at the end of 1067.
In 1068 William besieged rebels in Exeter, including Harold's mother Gytha, and after suffering heavy losses managed to negotiate the town's surrender.

Later in the year Edwin and Morcar raised a revolt in Mercia with Welsh assistance, while Gospatric, the newly appointed Earl of Northumbria, led a rising in Northumbria, which had not yet been occupied by the Normans. These rebellions rapidly collapsed as William moved against them, building castles and installing garrisons as he had already done in the south. Edwin and Morcar again submitted, while Gospatric fled to Scotland, as did Edgar the Ætheling and his family, who may have been involved in these revolts. Meanwhile Harold's sons, who had taken refuge in Ireland, raided Somerset, Devon and Cornwall from the sea.

The Harrying (or Harrowing) of the North, was a series of campaigns in the winter of 1069–1070 to subjugate northern England. It effectively ended the quasi-independence of the region through large-scale destruction that resulted in the relative "pacification" of the local population and the replacement of local Anglo-Danish lords with Normans. A contemporary Anglo-Norman chronicler wrote that the death toll, due to the Harrowing, was over 100,000. Because of the scorched earth policy, much of the land was laid waste and depopulated, a fact to which the Domesday Book, written almost two decades later, readily attests.

Early in 1069 the newly installed Norman Earl of Northumbria, Robert de Comines, and several hundred soldiers accompanying him were massacred at Durham; the Northumbrian rebellion was joined by Edgar, Gospatric, Siward Barn and other rebels who had taken refuge in Scotland. The castellan of York, Robert fitzRichard, was defeated and killed, and the rebels besieged the Norman castle at York. William hurried north with an army from the south, defeated the rebels outside York and pursued them into the city, massacring the inhabitants and bringing the revolt to an end. He built a second castle at York, strengthened Norman forces in Northumbria and then returned south. A subsequent local uprising was crushed by the garrison of York. Harold's sons launched a second raid from Ireland and were defeated in Devon by Norman forces under Count Brian, a son of Eudes, Count of Penthièvre. In the late summer of 1069 a large fleet sent by Sweyn II of Denmark arrived off the coast of England, sparking a new wave of rebellions across the country. After abortive raids in the south, the Danes joined forces with a new Northumbrian uprising, which was also joined by Edgar, Gospatric and the other exiles from Scotland as well as Waltheof. The combined Danish and English forces defeated the Norman garrison at York, seized the castles and took control of Northumbria, although a raid into Lincolnshire led by Edgar was defeated by the Norman garrison of Lincoln.

At the same time resistance flared up again in western Mercia, where the forces of Eadric the Wild, together with his Welsh allies and further rebel forces from Cheshire and Shropshire, attacked the castle at Shrewsbury. In the south-west, rebels from Devon and Cornwall attacked the Norman garrison at Exeter, but were repulsed by the defenders and scattered by a Norman relief force under Count Brian. Other rebels from Dorset, Somerset and neighbouring areas besieged Montacute Castle but were defeated by a Norman army gathered from London, Winchester and Salisbury under Geoffrey of Coutances. Meanwhile William attacked the Danes, who had moored for the winter south of the Humber in Lincolnshire, and drove them back to the north bank. Leaving Robert of Mortain in charge in Lincolnshire, he turned west and defeated the Mercian rebels in battle at Stafford. When the Danes attempted to return to Lincolnshire, the Norman forces there again drove them back across the Humber. William advanced into Northumbria, defeating an attempt to block his crossing of the swollen River Aire at Pontefract. The Danes fled at his approach, and he occupied York. He bought off the Danes, who agreed to leave England in the spring, and through the winter of 1069–70 his forces systematically devastated Northumbria.

In spring 1070, Sweyn II of Denmark renounced the earlier agreement to withdraw, sending troops into the Fens to join forces with English rebels led by Hereward the Wake, based on the Isle of Ely. Soon, however, Sweyn accepted a further payment of Danegeld from William and returned home. The Fenland rebels remained at large, protected by the marshes, and early in 1071 there was a final outbreak of rebel activity in the area. Edwin and Morcar again turned against William, and while Edwin was soon betrayed and killed, Morcar reached Ely, where he and Hereward were joined by exiled rebels who had sailed from Scotland. William arrived with an army and a fleet to finish off this last pocket of resistance. After some costly failures the Normans managed to construct a pontoon to reach the Isle of Ely, defeated the rebels at the bridgehead and stormed the island, marking the effective end of English resistance.

Monday, 13 May 2013

We Don't Get Sick

Photo by Chris Linder, Seattle, Washington, USA
The nearest hospital is a weeks travel away, so it is a good job that the Evenki people of Siberia, don't get sick.
They live very simply, their lively hood, as well as most day to day necessities like food and clothing, come from the reindeer herds. What are we doing wrong?

We in the so called "developed west", only have to look at a snow flake before we are laid up in bed with flu, yet these folks live at temperatures of minus 30, in makeshift homes heated by wood fires, for months on end.

So what are we doing wrong?

Well, we are eating stuff that looks like food but isn't. Maybe it was once, but after pesticides, chemical fertiliser, irradiation, sterilisation, colouring, flavour enhancers, stabilisers, and lots of other chemical additives and preservatives, any similarity to real food, only exists in the imagination of the poor soul who is about to eat it.
It makes you ill, feeble in body and mind, and should not be allowed near living things, never mind packaged at great cost to the environment and sold to us as, "Extra Special", "The Best", "Finest", or whatever branding is misapplied to the over processed slop.

Of course, this stuff should be banned by the government food agencies, but it isn't because the companies that make it, pay the wages of politicians. Oh you thought they worked for you? Sorry to break it to ya like this. They don't.

We live in cities steeped in pollution from vehicles and factories. We breath toxic gas every time we get into the car or go far a walk. And then there is the barrage of radio signals, stuff we can't see all around us, from your mobile phone to wireless connectivity, its all harmless of course, they've done extensive tests. Well who really knows what the long term effects are, of exposure to these waves? Don't mistake the arrogance of test labs for competence. I mean, would you trust these guys with your life? Neither do I.

For some reason, we smother ourselves in harmful chemicals in daily ablutions which involve shampoo, conditioner (which is only necessary because the shampoo has damaged your hair) Moisturiser, deodorant, cleanser, toner, hair spray, gel, make up, fake tan, and botox, and that's just for the guys!
It's all chemical, they shouldn't be massaged into your scalp, face, skin, armpits or anywhere near you for that matter.
Rather, they should have stayed in the lab that they were created in. Why do we think we need to look like some Hollywood divas anyway? We don't!

Then there is our lifestyle.
Machines do all the hard work now, so all we need to do is press buttons. That's great until you find that you don't have the energy to climb the stairs without pausing for a rest halfway.
The trouble is that everyone is so busy pressing buttons, that there is little time left to take care of life's essential tasks so we end up buying slop from the supermarket and because we are so unhealthy, we cake ourselves in chemicals so that we feel at least a little bit glamorous.

Who am I to complain. It's progress. Only it's not. It's dystopia in the guise of progress.
And the cheek of the Trans-humanists to try and suggest that this path will lead to some kind of techno nirvana. You're kidding me, right?

I fancy being a reindeer herder, but grazing might be a problem around here.

Can We Fix It? (Yes We Can)

It is encouraging to see that others are prepared to write truthfully about what is happening in the world. James has a style which makes even the worst outlook, palatable. He knows more than he is letting on, Im sure.

It is important to be a part of the solution, rather than a part of the problem that James and others highlight.
Exactly how we are to do this, is debated. One thing that is for sure is that unless we first become acquainted with the details, we may as well be "out to lunch" along with almost everyone else.
To many, the solution, is a form of gnostic, enlightenment. Even the Church has erred into contemplative spirituality, post liberalism, dominionism and a range of other aberrant theology.

In the comments here, Don QS has raised the point that, "there seems to be a pathological aversion to admitting uncertainty". This is healthy. The science world has too many arrogant types.
It is not enough for me. If there is a chance that truth exists, then we are obliged to find out what it is.

I believe that it does exist. OK its down to belief again, but that is a part of our make up as human beings. We don't go out in the car unless we believe that the brakes will stop us safely. We are all believers, its just that we believe in different things.
And then, if we do arrive at the truth, what if it is unpopular, even illegal to declare it to others in society? What if  speaking the truth, meant that you were viewed as posing a threat to those who refuse to open their eyes to witness the modernist impasse, the enemy of society rather than it's liberator.

Given the severity of the struggle, it is understandable that many people are happy to reject the concept that they have a role in this.
So it remains the responibility of those who recognise thier duty to be part of the solution.

"Late adopters" are welcome but dont leave it too late.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Power OF Love-Gabrielle Aplin

This song never struck me until I heard this great version by Gabrielle Aspin. Hat tip to Holly Johnson as well.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Justified And Ancient

Here is an interesting question (at least to me it is)
Who were the dance band KLF, talking about in their song "Justified and Ancient"?
Here is the song:

According to this Wiki entry, Klf referred to themselves as, "The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu", a title  derived from Robert Anton Wilson's "Illuminatus Trilogy" In the song however, they are talking about someone other than themselves as evidenced by, "They" and "They're"
Before we go any further, I am fully aware that looking for meaning in pop lyrics, is usually a fruitless exercise, yet there is something which stood out about this song.
Here is an excerpt from the lyrics:
All bound for Mu Mu Land
All bound for Mu Mu Land
(hey hey)
All bound for Mu Mu Land (justified)
(hey hey)
All bound for Mu Mu Land
(Bring the beat back!)

They're Justified, and they're Ancient,
And they like to roam the land.
(just roll it from the top)
They're Justified, and they're Ancient,
I hope you understand.
Here is a clue, Mu is believed to be a lost continent somewhere in the Atlantic, a bit like the fabled Atlantis, which was believed to be inhabited by an advanced civilisation. Some also believe that this civilisation achieved its advanced status through contact with inter-dimensional beings.
Call them "Extra Terrestrials", if you're believe in UFOs, "Watchers" if you read the book of Enoch, "Secret Chiefs" if you're into Crowley.
New Agers call them "Hidden or ascended masters", while certain interpretations of the Bible would have them known as "Sons" or "Angels of God".
In Hinduism they are known as Avatars, and in almost every culture there is reference to these beings as "Gods".
So could it be that Drummond and Cauty of KLF were writing about these inter-dimensional beings?
I think they were.
There is a general belief within occult and new age circles, that humanity will realise a New Atlantis, an age where justice, equality, understanding, peace, love and harmony, will prevail, and it will be once again, through connecting with these beings, whatever their names may be.
Justified? yes, with a legitimate mandate to influence the affairs of mankind. Take your pick which culture's mythology you wish to examine. However, beware because justification does not necessarily equate to benevolence.
Ancient? It would appear so since most tradition places them at a time before the existence of mankind.
Maybe its all my imagination. Anyway, here is a map of Mu.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

A Confused Work Ethic

There are very few instances where the route to personal success, is doing as little as possible, so I am trying to teach my son (9) the value of hard work.
The tidying of the bedroom scenario is one where I hope he can get the message.
It will not get done by sitting and looking at the mess. No matter how many times he says, "Ill tidy it in a bit", unless he translates the thoughts into action, it will never happen.
It is not as easy as you may think, to illustrate the benefits of the "Protestant Work Ethic" There is little supporting evidence to suggest that hard work equates to success.
Firstly, we have the sub working class who get along (nicely in some cases), by NOT working, then we have the opposite side of the spectrum, those who have succeeded by the merits of others.
I am thinking mainly of those who have inherited wealth and live a very comfortable lifestyle but do not appear to have actually done anything to earn it, unless you consider having a sense of duty to those less fortunate, as a job.

This led me to consider the role in society, of those who have inherited wealth (and therefore influence) when compared with your average hardworking bloke.

I do have great respect for those types who have built their lives on the basis of hard work and common decency especially when you contrast them with others who I do not respect. They seem only to be able to duck and dive, yet to the whole world, have the trappings of success.

I cannot help thinking about the way tribal societies are organised. The chief was once the fiercest warrior in his younger days. He was the strongest, best climber of trees, and most skillful hunter. This is pretty much how I would expect Darwinism to work in real life. The fittest would survive and pro-create. Those who wield power in this mixed up western society, would be the least likely to survive in the world of natural selection.

When you look at it this way, it could be argued that the greatest attribute, many of our current ruling elite possess, is pliability. I don't mind that as long as folks are straight about it. It's when weakness and lack of moral standing are paraded as integrity and honesty, that I get miffed.

No wonder we find it a battle to raise our kids properly with so many wrong messages and mixed up signals.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Welcome To Spring

Not much to post today.

Spring has arrived and we are looking forward to a bank holiday with normal temperatures for a change. A day at the seaside is in order.
It is a little bit nerdy to have your head in a computer while the sun is beating down for the first time after a long cold winter.

So some outside jobs to do. Then a sit in the sun.
Well overdue.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Fishbone-Unyielding Conditioning

One of my favourite tracks from one of my favourite bands. Fishbone, the best band you probably never heard of.

Awsome Bass Busker

I love guys like this. No massive ego, just raw talent.