Monday, 13 May 2013

We Don't Get Sick

Photo by Chris Linder, Seattle, Washington, USA
The nearest hospital is a weeks travel away, so it is a good job that the Evenki people of Siberia, don't get sick.
They live very simply, their lively hood, as well as most day to day necessities like food and clothing, come from the reindeer herds. What are we doing wrong?

We in the so called "developed west", only have to look at a snow flake before we are laid up in bed with flu, yet these folks live at temperatures of minus 30, in makeshift homes heated by wood fires, for months on end.

So what are we doing wrong?

Well, we are eating stuff that looks like food but isn't. Maybe it was once, but after pesticides, chemical fertiliser, irradiation, sterilisation, colouring, flavour enhancers, stabilisers, and lots of other chemical additives and preservatives, any similarity to real food, only exists in the imagination of the poor soul who is about to eat it.
It makes you ill, feeble in body and mind, and should not be allowed near living things, never mind packaged at great cost to the environment and sold to us as, "Extra Special", "The Best", "Finest", or whatever branding is misapplied to the over processed slop.

Of course, this stuff should be banned by the government food agencies, but it isn't because the companies that make it, pay the wages of politicians. Oh you thought they worked for you? Sorry to break it to ya like this. They don't.

We live in cities steeped in pollution from vehicles and factories. We breath toxic gas every time we get into the car or go far a walk. And then there is the barrage of radio signals, stuff we can't see all around us, from your mobile phone to wireless connectivity, its all harmless of course, they've done extensive tests. Well who really knows what the long term effects are, of exposure to these waves? Don't mistake the arrogance of test labs for competence. I mean, would you trust these guys with your life? Neither do I.

For some reason, we smother ourselves in harmful chemicals in daily ablutions which involve shampoo, conditioner (which is only necessary because the shampoo has damaged your hair) Moisturiser, deodorant, cleanser, toner, hair spray, gel, make up, fake tan, and botox, and that's just for the guys!
It's all chemical, they shouldn't be massaged into your scalp, face, skin, armpits or anywhere near you for that matter.
Rather, they should have stayed in the lab that they were created in. Why do we think we need to look like some Hollywood divas anyway? We don't!

Then there is our lifestyle.
Machines do all the hard work now, so all we need to do is press buttons. That's great until you find that you don't have the energy to climb the stairs without pausing for a rest halfway.
The trouble is that everyone is so busy pressing buttons, that there is little time left to take care of life's essential tasks so we end up buying slop from the supermarket and because we are so unhealthy, we cake ourselves in chemicals so that we feel at least a little bit glamorous.

Who am I to complain. It's progress. Only it's not. It's dystopia in the guise of progress.
And the cheek of the Trans-humanists to try and suggest that this path will lead to some kind of techno nirvana. You're kidding me, right?

I fancy being a reindeer herder, but grazing might be a problem around here.


  1. We in the so called "developed west", only have to look at a snow flake before we are laid up in bed with flu

    Higher density of population and scam vaccination contribute to that. Plus diet.

  2. They do get sick. And why is our life expectancy getting steadily higher and higher if things are so bad around here?

  3. And re "It's all chemical". Well yes, EVERYTHING is all chemical... water, oxygen, carbohydrate, protein, blood, brain... all chemical... There are, of course, many harmful and unecessary chemicals in use, and a very legitimate debate to be had about which. but if you want to avoid chemicals then you better stop eating and breathing. You are 100% chemical.

  4. Chemical - shmemical. Lets not get stuck on semantics. I perceive that there is a fundamental difference in our perspective Andrew. ;-)

    1. Perhaps, but why do you think we are all living so much longer in this supposedly poisoned world?

  5. I dont know Andrew, it depends where you are talikng about.

    1. I am talking about the places you describe, such as the place you live, with all these chemicals you seem to so despise, and yet, amidst them all, and with them all over us and inside us, we keep living longer and healthier lives.

      I am no fan of unecessary synthetic chemistry, I assure you, but the fear of "chemicals" (by which most people really mean modified chemicals, because everything is made of chemicals) and the claims that they are so damaging, do not generally fit with our ever-increasing health and longevity in the populations that are exposed to them. Dosage is they key, generally, and natural "organically grown" fruits and vegetables contain plenty of carcinogens and toxins.

  6. Are we living longer? It isn't so simple. There could be lots of reasons why people live longer. Overall. I would agree that it is advancement in medical science that is the key but are we really more healthy even though we may live longer?
    I don't know about the stats but it seems that nowadays, more people suffer from cancers, are obese, more are asthmatic or allergic.
    If Im wrong, Im wrong. That's how it looks to me.
    People now are just like supermarket lemons, waxy looking. We have the appearance of a healthy one but most of the tang inside is missing.