Thursday, 27 June 2013

Declining output

Just looking at the level of posts to this blog since March 2013

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It would look as though if things continue at the rate of decline, by September, the output will be 1 post and then.......

Blog death!

Serious, stop what you are doing and join the resistance.

Just as it appears that things could not possibly get any worse. When the criminal high cabal of politicians and banksters operate with complete impunity and the moral standards of our judiciary sinks to sub-depravity, when our streets are "no go" after dusk because of knife wielding hoodies, we suddenly find out that Orcs have taken over the UK government.
Nests have been found in parliament and Whitehall is infested according to reliable sources.

They have been caught out in thinking that we were too concerned with the grass at Wimbledon to notice them (Incidentally, the slippery grass is an inside job, led by the Scottish Illuminati under the leadership of Gordy Broon)

This is much worse than anyone could imagine, We had grown accustomed to knowing that our ruling elite, had a leaning towards Luciferianism in common.
Even when we realised that the dark brotherhood of international financiers were enacting a final coup d' etat on the free world, we could cope as long as we had hope of a brighter tomorrow.
Even if it did turn out that Icke was right and there really was a race of reptiles who controlled humanity, we would get through somehow.

Im afraid that this is too much to bear

I have the pictures but they are not suitable for publication, apart from maybe this one:

As if it isn't evident, they are also in control in the Temple Courts which means that British justice has now been corrupted to the will of the Evil one.
There is still hope. A secret underground resistance force has been resisting underground, secretly. They have learned a thing or too through some inspired instruction. Preparations have been made and it is widely known, although not many realise it, that the evil Orc empire will be ultimately defeated.
Your instructions, can be received from a variety of truth terminals. You will be contacted again soon!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Modern Recording

My mate Dave posted this on FB.

Although it is true that only 30 years ago we were listening to stuff on a little wireless radio, the digital age was supposed to deliver something better wasn't it?

Friday, 14 June 2013

The U.S. Work with Al Qaeda Again

A White House official says the US is now providing substantive military assistance to the Free Syrian Army

The old team, back together again. It kinda make you feel all fuzzy inside.

It's a good job that words like "freedom" and "Terror" are used interchangeably now days otherwise governments might be accused of hypocrisy.

It is this simple: Elites have more in common with other elites, than with their own ideological counterparts and the intelligence services, who work for the elites, in all probability, do not represent your national interests.

Shh keep that quiet, we don't want them to know that we know!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

They Live!

If we really had special sunglasses that showed us what the world was really like, then it would look at lot like this video clip. Some don't even need the sunglasses to see it!
I haven't posted anything for a few days, it might be imagined that despair had gotten the better of me but no, the spirit is still good. It is just the effort and time needed to blog something worthwhile rather than just filling in the spaces with meaningless nonsense, there's enough of that already.
I would rather not bother. In fact I was thinking about shutting the blog down altogether because visitors had dwindled down to next to nothing and, even then, many of the stats are likely to be from webcrawlers and spambots.
However, no harm is caused to anyone by me continuing to write, even though relatively few may ever read it.
I am always trying to think of innovative ways to present what is essentially the same message. Now, either by design, or accident, things have turned around to the point where many of us have become aware that foxes are guarding the henhouse.

I particularly feel sorry for the older generation. They may quite rightly feel betrayed. I'm sure that the bewildered look is increasing as the weeks pass. Its no joke.


Things were not necessarily better in the "good old days" but the dystopia was less established than it is today. Add to that, the fact that we were blissfully ignorant before the information super highway came along.

Imagine if a deadly virus spread throughout the world, turning people into zombies. Some found an antidote and used it but for others it was too late. Even though the antidote would still work on them, they viciously attacked those who were trying to help. Others were carriers but symptoms had yet to develop, they remained bemused about the need for an antivirus, and only mildly concerned at the antics of the full blown zombies.
The illness is in the spirit rather than biological.

(By the way, we have large stocks of the anti-virus and boxes of special sunglasses just in case you want to look cool while saving the world.)

Considering the way society had taught us to seek material gain without though to our spiritual wellbeing, it is hardly surprising that so many are on a path ultimately leading to lack of fulfilment. If you argue otherwise, that material wealth has any lasting significance, then you too have been drinking the cool aid.
A few years ago I started a small investment company. I had some background in business and economics.
I bought a small amount of stock in an Israeli tech company called GEO Interactive. The shares were trading at around 10p but had started to rise quite quickly. I got in at £1.20 and they kept rising. I sold all of my stock at £2.40 only to find that they weren't going to stop there. I bought again at £3.20 and watched them rise to £35.00 per share before falling back.
I eventually sold again in the £20.00s but for a while, I was completely mesmerised by the ease by which I could become seriously wealthy. Many "GEO millionaires" were created from the rise of that stock.

There was a problem with my attitude to this. It was too easy. My relatively poor background had left me conditioned to thinking that there was something wrong with easy money and I just wasn't prepared for the life changing impact that wealth would have upon me.
I did ok, but the killer instinct that is essential in the world of equity trading, was absent from my psychological make up.

When I was at the shops yesterday, I considered the case of Primark, a company that has become successful by selling clothing produced by some of the poorest economies in the world.
Not only had they developed a profitable business model, they have ruthlessly exploited the circumstances of wealth inequality to expand their business to nearly every major high street in the UK and will only stop expanding when the economies of scale, dictate.
What else can you expect from a corporate entity? They have no soul, no morals, they are led in the pursuit of profit as a primary objective. The directors of that company have contracted the zombie virus for sure. Bad news for those who suffer so that we can buy a £3.00 shirt.
We're all outraged, even the zombies!


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Socialism Is A Creation of Western Elites

I'm too bitter and twisted about it to go into much detail here but if you would like some explanation, you could try watching Dodd's video for starters.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Welcome to Topsy Turvy Land


58 (mainly Anti Fascist) demonstrators arrested

Who says that this isn't a false dichotomy? If I knew a song that went, "We don't know what we're fighting for", I'd be singing it now.

BNP supporters 'chased through London by Badger activists"
"Young women dressed in fake fur were seen chasing doughty nationalist supporters down London's Whitehall"

That has to be the funniest thing I've heard all week.


Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Sound Of Change !

On June 1st, CHIME FOR CHANGE presents a global concert event to put girls' and women's issues on the world’s stage. Millions of people will join in THE SOUND OF CHANGE LIVE, to promote Education, Health and Justice for girls and women everywhere.

In the words of Garth (Wayne's World) "We fear change"
That's not strictly true. Let's just say, we do find this ominous.

More tea Imam?

Just when I was beginning to think that the world was full of lunatics, this story helped me to realise that only the majority are mad.

Of course, the EDL missed a trick here. They should have gone to the demonstration, armed with tea and halal biscuits for the Muslims.
I would hazard a guess that many of the EDL would classify themselves as Christians, which means that if they really follow Jesus, they should love their enemies, not hate them.

See what happened when Muslim inmates at a maximum security jail, were asked to pray for murdered soldier Lee Rigby.

The selfless "agape" love, about which, Jesus spoke, is revolutionary and disarming of the powers of darkness and hatred. We could all do with giving it a try.