Thursday, 27 June 2013

Serious, stop what you are doing and join the resistance.

Just as it appears that things could not possibly get any worse. When the criminal high cabal of politicians and banksters operate with complete impunity and the moral standards of our judiciary sinks to sub-depravity, when our streets are "no go" after dusk because of knife wielding hoodies, we suddenly find out that Orcs have taken over the UK government.
Nests have been found in parliament and Whitehall is infested according to reliable sources.

They have been caught out in thinking that we were too concerned with the grass at Wimbledon to notice them (Incidentally, the slippery grass is an inside job, led by the Scottish Illuminati under the leadership of Gordy Broon)

This is much worse than anyone could imagine, We had grown accustomed to knowing that our ruling elite, had a leaning towards Luciferianism in common.
Even when we realised that the dark brotherhood of international financiers were enacting a final coup d' etat on the free world, we could cope as long as we had hope of a brighter tomorrow.
Even if it did turn out that Icke was right and there really was a race of reptiles who controlled humanity, we would get through somehow.

Im afraid that this is too much to bear

I have the pictures but they are not suitable for publication, apart from maybe this one:

As if it isn't evident, they are also in control in the Temple Courts which means that British justice has now been corrupted to the will of the Evil one.
There is still hope. A secret underground resistance force has been resisting underground, secretly. They have learned a thing or too through some inspired instruction. Preparations have been made and it is widely known, although not many realise it, that the evil Orc empire will be ultimately defeated.
Your instructions, can be received from a variety of truth terminals. You will be contacted again soon!

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