Thursday, 27 June 2013

Declining output

Just looking at the level of posts to this blog since March 2013

►  June (8)
It would look as though if things continue at the rate of decline, by September, the output will be 1 post and then.......

Blog death!


  1. Some bloggers blog once a week or even once a month. Some blogs seemingly die then later undergo miraculous ressurrection. There are no rules, I suggest, other than blogging and commenting only if and when you want to.

  2. "No Comments"?

    I made a comment, and also another one on the Reality Sunglasses post, but both, having appeared, have now gone. A glitch or Executive Action?

  3. For some reason, you were caught in the spam filter. They are now restored. Thanks. I knew they were there because they showed up on my phone.

  4. AMcL-S often does get caught up in these things but he's a fine Scott all the same. :)

  5. Heck chaps. Shussh... I have a reputation to worry about...