Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Housing Benefit Bill Will Be Higher After Bedroom Tax

Frank Field recently pointed out, that the bedroom tax will ultimately cost the government more in housing benefit than at present.
Because of the shortage of suitable council properties, families who need to downsize in order to receive full housing benefit, will be forced to rent privately.
As private rents are usually much higher than for council properties, the overall housing benefit bill will ultimately rise, despite an initial saving.

The great council house sell off has resulted in (according to the Daily Mirror last week) 70% of ex-council homes ending up in the hands of private landlords. We are now reaping the consequences in welfare terms.

There can be no way to allow aggressive capitalism to bring suffering and deprivation to the population, unless there is still the underlying belief in "Social Darwinism"
This philosophy is ingrained into the subconscious of western thought due to its excessive promotion by the Royal Society and those merchants who were offered a degree of scientific legitimacy through its precepts.

We need to astablish a code of common decency. If business adopted a fair appproach to social issues, the government would not have to stump up to redress the inequalities that result from it.

It reads like a page from the humanist manifesto doesnt it?
Strange that, because my personal understanding is that there is a sinister side to humanism.


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