Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Buying Milk or Being Milked?

Lets get straight to the point. Supermarkets are just entities designed to separate you from your cash as efficiently as possible.
Take no notice of the slogans, "Every Little Helps", "That's why Mums go to Iceland", "Saving you money, every day" and so on..
Any real benefit to you, is purely coincidental and only serves as further PR for the supermarket.
Remember this next time you are in the milking trough.. err checkout.

The catch phrase is a lie, but its not all bad in Blighty. We could have the U.S. equivalent:

"Piggly Wiggly. Feeds your life.
It feels like home.
Down home. Down the street"

Which is just plain silly.

Or this one from Kroger stores, which sounds more akin to something you would do in a quiet lay by after dark:

"Let's go Krogering"


  1. Companies exist to make profit, tis true, and rather obvious... Why else would they go to the trouble of making milk available for me? I'm just wondering where you suggest we go to get milk, and would it be any cheaper? Certainly not the corner shop or local farmer's market.

    I hope Blogger meets your needs for free, by the way, having popped over here from seeing you on Nourishing Obscurity's discussion related to the issue of whether to pay for a blog or do it the free way with the Google/Blogger option that some people seem to find so obnoxious for reasons they are yet to divulge (though I welcome people being obnoxious if it involves them doing things I want done for free) :) Good luck with the blog.

  2. Thanks Don. I see no problem with Blogger, especially since Google have brought it into line with other blogging platforms.

    Supermarkets, Argh. They are evil and should be burned at the stake. There are no corner shops left so that's not an option. They're parasitic entities with Zero social conscience, a bit like most other large commercial enterprises. The difference is, I interact with the supermarket on a daily basis. "Every little helps" Pah.

  3. I remember the days before supermarkets though. It was not good. I am a bit of a fan of supermarkets, provided there are enough different ones that they are at each others' throats trying to part us from our cash, of course. I can't stand the PR Pish, of course, but I just ignore it (at least I think I do... unless I am in their control... as I do go to Tesco... Help!).

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