Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Summer Installation Failed

Dont you know it.


  1. My theory is that the seasons are one month late.

  2. You may be right James. I do know that it has been cold for a loooong time.

  3. Some of my students laughed at me in the late 80s when I told them that increasing carbon dioxide levels might be the only thing staving off the next ice age. So did some other lecturers. Not that I had or have a damn clue about what's going on or what's for the best, but they should not have laughed at me. Nobody has a damn clue what's for the best, in my opinion (but I may be wrong about that). I'm not good at taking decisions, but I feel that being good at taking decisions may be more dangerous than being bad at taking decisions :) Even if they did have a damn clue there is not a chance of everyone agreeing enough to make any meaningful change either way anyway. Accept what's coming and try to adapt I say (and will keep saying it even as I die of runaway feedback-fueled cold/heat (delete as appropriate).

    I think I'll save that comment for a blog post if the snow keeps coming through April.

    But (to ramble on)... there was heavy snow in Edinburgh of the day I was born (in May 1955). It's a funny old thing, the weather.

  4. "The word 'science' is derived from the Latin word scientia, which means 'knowing.' Epistemology is the study of the nature and origin of knowledge. This elite monopoly of the knowable, which is enforced through institutional science, could be characterized as an "epistemological cartel." The ruling class has bribed the 'bookkeepers' (i.e., natural and social scientists). Meanwhile, the masses practically deify the 'bookkeepers' of the elite, and remain 'ignorant of the methodology of the bookkeeping"

    This is an excerpt from "The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship Part One: Illuminating the Occult Origin of Darwinism" by Phillip Collins. I agree 100%