Thursday, 7 March 2013

Who is Behind the Occupy Movement?

Google this and you'll get a variety of answers:

The Unions
George Soros
Stephane Hessel
No-one (i.e. It started as a grassroots movement)

The answer I would be least inclined to believe is the latter. Unless the Arab Spring was also a grassroots movement. Which it wasn't.
Its a confusing matter. What do you call a cross between a Paradigm shift, and a dialectical synthesis?


  1. The Arab spring swiftly mutated into the Islamic spring. Rather like the Iranian one...

    1. The best commentary I have seen on the Arab Spring, came from the Collins brothers: "Directed discontent: Destabilisation in Egypt and Beyond"

      Links dont seem to work in the comments section but the URL is here to copy and paste if anyone wants to.

      Its a long read but fairly accurate in my opinion.