Saturday, 30 March 2013

Do you know who lives in your neigbourhood?

Cyber terrorism is on the increase. Recent hacks have proved that the systems we rely on for our daily surf, e-mail etc are highly vulnerable.
We are fools if we believe that access to the Internet will still be available, in the midst of serious civil unrest.
So who are your on line buddies? do you have their names and addresses? Phone numbers? Probably not.
You are going to feel awful lonely when the net gets turned off. Nothing is designed to cause widespread confusion more than a shut down of communication channels. Apart from not knowing how your friends and family are, you will lose touch with the common consensus (to the extent that we are able to know it via the web) The mainstream media will be our only source of news. How frightening! but do not worry, it matters little what they want you to know as long as you don't believe it.
For example, need to know the weather? Look outside. How high is inflation? Go shopping, you will find out soon enough. The problem is that we have stopped (or never learnt in the first place) thinking for ourselves. We have become conditioned to roll over to the collective knowledge of society, without realising that, society doesn't really know anything apart from what it is told is the truth. This is invariably not the truth at all.
Mostly, what we are told in place of truth, results in someone, or some organisation, making profit. Look at the way that government think tanks have industry insiders insinuated into them so that they and up preferring the profitable course of business rather than that which is best for the public.
Its shameful that government have allowed this state of affairs to come about while, all along, pretending to represent the people.

So...  get to know your neighbours. Help them out with their garden if you can, Fill in a form for them if you are good with that type of stuff.
Just talk to them. You may find that they can sew up your son's school trousers or have some other amazing skill.
It may transpire that you and they, will be working together to overcome some serious obstacles one day. Its good to know who they are in advance.

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