Monday, 18 March 2013

Will the truth come out about Ted Heath?

They say, "Never judge a book by it's cover"
It's just as well because from the looks of him, Ted Heath (pic) is one of the most evil, scumbags, ever to walk the earth.
The Internet is awash with suggestions of Heath's sexual deviancy. If true, to even consider this man for the job of Prime Minister is sheer lunacy. Isn't it? Do you need evidence to suspect something on the balance of probability?

Even with thirty years experience of investigation into "Human Compromise" operations and organised paedophile rings, legendary NYPD cop, Jim Rothstein couldn't have busted this one open.
This is England, where institutionalised corruption is Institution.

Some of these sordid cabals, are just too influential to be brought to justice and that is why so many of the investigations into child abuse by senior politicians are never satisfactorily resolved.

Jimmy Savile was one such person, who knew peoples dirty secrets and that guaranteed his immunity while he was alive.
Why after so many years abusing, has this finally been allowed into the open?
One answer is, our changing attitudes to sexual abuse. We care about human rights much more than ever before.

It doesn't change the fact that seriously sick individuals have been allowed to damage and destroy the lives of countless children, and yet walk away, "scott free".


  1. He's a Reptilian.......

  2. He certainly looks like one but Im not convinced on the whole reptile thing.