Monday, 11 March 2013

Making a Documentary Film

I decided this year, that I should be producing documentary videos. Exactly how to do this, I am still trying to figure out.
Video is a much more dynamic format than written words or even audio, because it can utilise all three, or four formats if you include, background music, narration, images and subtitles.
It can draw people into your subject in a way that standard blogs can't.

 Of course, like every other blogger in the universe, I think that I have something uniquely worthwhile to say.
In fact I do (I can hear the "Yawn, they all say that don't they?") No I really do!

So to the details of how to make film.
I'm OK with audio, being a musician of many years now. I'm also reasonable with a camera, so two of the boxes are ticked already. It just seems as though my approach to this needs to be consolidated. Something which does not sit well with my standard way of doing things, IE randomly.

A lot of time can be wasted forever by not having a structured approach to a project so I'm determined that it must be planned to some degree.
How do you plan a video project?
Maybe I need to learn the very basics. Yep that sounds about right.
I might even keep a journal of the process for my own coherence.


  1. A video about what?

    Or are you not telling?

    1. Trouble is, I don't know.
      I suspect it will be an expose of the nefarious plan to impose a re-invigorated Babylonian'ism upon us.
      I think that getting an angle on the subject, would help the production side, line up more clearly.