Monday, 25 March 2013

Financial Cannibalism

Ty Andross writes about "Something for nothing societies", where we become unwilling, or unable, to produce more than we consume.

"Unwilling to support themselves, they set off to consume those that do, to feed on and support themselves. The takers of wealth eat the  makers of wealth, Cannibalism of the worst sort"

He goes on to say:

Once they have achieved voting majorities, the economies they inhabit, are much like a farmer's field. They eat everything down to the roots and next years seed corn. Nothing is left to create future wealth and total destruction of production of wealth is the result. "Something for Nothing" societies are a  product of a number of factors which combine to destroy the lives and future prospects of the majority of its citizens. Creating desperate mobs of citizens easily manipulated by fear. It drives the final descent into economic and societal collapse.

I have been reading similar things.

James Delingpole wrote much the same recently. Historian and conspiracy theorist, WebsterTarpley calls it "Internal Looting", describing it as the natural progression of aggressive expansion.
In this case, western capitalism has reached its geo-political boundaries of China and Russia. With nowhere left to loot, the elites turn inward, devouring the very source of future production.

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