Monday, 8 April 2013

Yesterday Bedtime

I was chatting with my nine year old son at bedtime last night. He had heard on TV that America might get attacked by Korea and was worried about it.
I remembered my own nuclear fears at that age and wondered if his generation would grow up under the constant threat of nuclear war as well.
I reassured him that the issue with Nth Korea was just to distract our attention away from the troubles of the economy in Europe and America. "What troubles?" he asked.
I explained how the banking crisis started and why money is an illusion unless it is linked to something with real value. To his credit, he seemed to understand easily enough. I'm not sure I would have understood that at his age. Then he told me that Dumbledore is 115 years old and is actually related to the Queen. "Interesting" I said.
"Tell me more things" he said, "It makes me go to sleep".
I realised that my monotonous drone was not enlightening him so much, as lulling him off.

Have been feeling better yesterday and today. I'm sure it is in part, due to the seasonal weather. Even a few hours of sunshine at this time of year is enough to lift the spirits. It looked like everywhere I went, folks were smiling and happy. It is hard not to feel the same.
There are so many things going on at the moment. Its hard to know how to approach events from a blogging perspective. There are some things that have lain dormant for a while which should get an airing before too long. As usual, most of it is stuff which appears to fly over heads at the speed of sound. It doesn't mean It's not going to get written. In fact in some ways it's easier like that.

So Baroness Thatcher died today, filling the country with delight and sadness in seemingly equal measure. Most people still don't understand that Prime Ministers and Presidents, don't actually get to make decisions on their own.
Baroness Thatcher was promoting an ideology which was dictated to her by shadowy figures from the upper echelons of power. People like the Bilderbergers for example.
The Reason Mrs Thatcher seemed to be the architect of her policies, was because she believed in them so ardently. How convenient. It certainly made the appearance of strong government, unlike the shower of...  Err what can I call them without offending anyone?.....Politicians, we have in "power" today. I use the word power advisedly. Maybe "puppets" would have been better or even "Muppets" but anyway... moving on.

Thanks to James Higham and the merry bloggers over at Nourishing Obscurity for many interesting posts.


  1. Think mine might put your little one to sleep better than a sleeping pill.

  2. Do you take monotone to a whole...same level? :-)