Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Could Thatcher's Funeral Cause Riots?

Who would have thought the death of Margaret Thatcher would polarise opinion to the extent it has?

During a mini riot in Brixton last night, some "enterprising" individual, managed to change the display on the "Ritzy".
Spontaneous parties erupted across the country as news of the death of, "Pariah", Thatcher spread. Some photographs show images of Thatcher being burned, Middle Eastern style.
Meanwhile, there were calls for her statue to be erected in Trafalgar Square alongside the other great British Heroes.
I cannot remember seeing so much joy being poured out due to the death of an English person.
This means that she was hated more than we ever realised, or society has declined to the point where respect for the dead is no longer considered appropriate by many.
The first is evident. I fear the second maybe applicable too.
If this is the reaction following news of Margaret Thatchers death, what on earth is going to happen if they decide to hold a "Diana" style funeral service?
Should the government take note here? Yes, undoubtedly. There is a powder keg of dissatisfaction waiting to be ignited and the smallest spark, such as the perception of undue honour being bestowed upon "The Pariah" Thatcher, could blow the whole gaff up, seriously.
These are strange and dangerous times.


  1. Some fun times coming up soon.

  2. Did you notice that the Social Media is being trawled by the intelligence services in order to identify organisers?