Saturday, 27 April 2013

Max Headroom

I ran out of steam for the blog a few days ago.

The difficulty for me is that, firstly, I have to have sufficient mental prowess to be able to run a string of thoughts together in logical sequence. After that, I need to be able to transfer the thought process to text. It can be tricky, since commonly used words have a habit of refusing to enter my mind, and the discipline to suspend the thoughts in the right place while dealing with grammar and spelling issues, can be exhausting.

Then there is the lack of willpower to even bother in the first place. Even when the idea is strong and the English flows well, the thought that it is all a waste of time due to the fact that no one actually reads it, is always a potential drain to the enthusiasm. Even if people do read it, they might just consider the blog to be poorly written, ill considered, biased, uninformed, or naive.

Still, the need to write, remains and always returns. I simply ran out of headroom for a short while.
Funnily enough, It was from looking at the technical aspects of recording signals into a Digital Audio Workstation that seemed to illustrate this to me, thus allowing myself to re-calibrate the attenuation of my thought processes.

Its a pity I can't re-calibrate them on the Mackie mixer I am using.


  1. "no one actually reads it..."

    You calling me a nobody? :)

    I have long tussled with such issues with regard to various aspects of life. Instead of stressing and fretting and trying to take definitive decisions I just decided to apply a simple rule: If I feel like doing it then I do it and if I don't feel like doing it then I don't do it, until I feel like doing it again.

    There are some activities for which my lady feels she would like a say in my decisions too... which is a complication, but for most issues it works fine.

  2. Far be it for me to say DQS is right but in this, he is right: "You calling me a nobody? :)"


  3. If I am reading it, and James is reading it, you've got range of readers Pete, whatever the quantity!

  4. Aye that is correct, and any sleight is completely unintentional.
    I can be sure that the both of you are not web crawlers (or then again can I?)


  5. Maybe you're just a bit tired - we all get fatigue. Thought of running a parallel page on Facebook?

  6. Re: "This comment has been removed by a blog administrator."

    Ooooh, that makes it look as if I have been a very naughty boy and said something bad, when all I did was somehow manage to send the same comment twice :)

  7. Sackerson, I have a FB account but find that for blog purposes, it doesn't really cut it.
    Everyone, DQS has NOT been naughty. I was simply deleting a duplicate post. I should have mentioned it before. I must be tired.

  8. Now it looks as if DQS is talking about something which did not even happen since I removed the administrators comment as well.

  9. DQS has often been accused of talking about something which did not even happen...