Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Anti Communitarian League

Niki Rapaana, along with her daughter Nordica Friedrich are the founders of the ACL and authors of the "Anti Communitarian Manifesto"
Niki got into a spat with the local government in Seattle USA and now lives in a community of yurt dwellers in Alaska.

The basic thesis of the ACL is that "Communitarianism" is the "synthesis" of the Left/Right or East/West dialectic.
Sounds straightforward enough but even those who studied Hegel at university, struggle to grasp the basic tenets of the dialectical process. Maybe you have to escape before you can see it properly, maybe you need a different perspective, from the outside looking in as it were.

Here is Niki talking about some aspects of Communitarianism.

Clearly, this dialectic is unfinished, we still have such strong left v right rhetoric on a national level (evident with the death of Thatcher) Internationally we can see the same opposing ideologies played out in the Korean Crisis.
I always realised that opting out of the system was never really an option. That I simply would not be allowed to build a house of the side of a hill somewhere and live off the fruit of the land, minding my own business. All the land belongs to someone and as soon as I had any resources to live off, they would be taxed. Niki shows the kind of extremes that it is necessary to go to for such a lifestyle. It can be -30 degrees for weeks at a time in Anchorage.
While I am on this topic, it is worth noting that there is a convergence of thought/belief with Communitarianism (or one of its alternative appellations) and the philosophy of the New Age or New World Order. Which really equates to a reconstituted Babylonian civilisation. Sounds too far out but they say that "Fact is stranger than fiction" 


  1. And Seattle is a very dangerous place to get into a spat. There are Themists roaming around that city.

  2. "Themists" Yes very good. That had me thinking for a while.
    I tried to locate the details of said "spat" but could not find the article.