Friday, 5 April 2013


Ill health had descended upon the McAdam household this week. I have been suffering with, lets say, an illness which most people get as children. I either didn't get it, or have it twice which is most unusual. Apart from the discomfort, I am highly contagious which does not go down well when trying to deal with my wife's illness, something that involves trips out, doctors, pharmacy etc.

Hopefully, next week will see us both on the mend. Its possibly a taster of what life will be like when we are old.

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  1. Shame. I've been ill all week too Pete, though with something less interesting than you - just a very persistent cold that was trying to persuade me it was the flu. May we all recover soon. My wife has not been ill but has been suffering badly from putting up with me, a troublesome condition with a tendency to recur.