Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Talking with Demons 3 - The Ascended Masters

Alice A Bailey wrote 24 books under the telepathic direction of a spirit guide called Djwal Khul. These books contain details of mankinds spiritual evolution. The journey of our cosmic consciousness.
Djawal Khul (DK) is supposed to be an Ascended Master, a member of the "Spiritual Hierachy" and "Master of Ancient Wisdom". His esoteric teachings form the foundational spiritual principals of the United Nations by means of the Lucis Trust, the United Nation's printers, who also published Alice Bailey's writings.
If there is any doubt that the world is in the grip of an occult conspiracy, here is the proof. The Lucis Trust was formerly known as the Lucifer Publishing Co. I find this incredible myself.

There is no mention in The Bible, of Ascended  Masters, and where there is reference to a spiritual hierarchy, it is described as, principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world or spiritual wickedness in high places.
The so called Masters of Ancient wisdom are therefor no more than a constituent part of the kingdom of Satan. Spiritual beings whose only end is to further the separation between  mankind and his creator, God.

Since this is the case, it is natural that the automatic writings of Bailey, should hold the God of the Bible in disdain, and the movement that is founded on the precepts of Theosophy, should find a means to supplant the spiritual laws of God, those laws that have the purpose of enabling mankind to live according to his potential in God, with a counterfeit moral and ethical code, having the appearance of goodness but subtly introducing greater and greater measures of wickedness, and encouraging man to willful abandon of his God given conscience.

There is no sacred text of Lucifarianism, but the Humanist Manifesto probably best encapsulates its principals.

Do not think that Lucifarianism is a religious of goats, pentacles, and goblets dripping with blood, as many perceive Satanism to be. Lucifer is seen to represent the cognitive powers of man, the embodiment of science and reason. This  belief has been seen through the ages, from the early Gnostics and the ancient  mystery schools of the Middle East, to the European Enlightenment where Luciferic doctrine became incorporated into mainstream thought.

There is a modern day recipient of the teachings of DK. I do not know, nor do I care, if there is any truth in this, or if the message is considered to be authentic as in the case of Alice Bailey. The reports of secret doctrine being received through this medium are widespread. 
In 1975, Psychologist, Dr Helen Schucman published the 3 volume book, “A course in miracles”(ACIM) It was the result of 7 years of channelled messages by a spirit guide who called himself Jesus.
This "Jesus" unsurprisingly preached a message, more in keeping with Humanism, than with the Bible. 
Yet again more recently, there is another author, Sarah Young, who claims to be receiving messages from Jesus and has written a bestseller entitled "Jesus Calling". Again completely unbiblical,  and utter nonsense.


  1. I've traced Bailey's influence [through reading] and it's permeated everywhere, esp. education.