Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Community Organisers are in town

A few weeks ago, I had a chance encounter with a friendly young couple who asked me about where I live. What did I like about it? What did I dislike?
I thought no more about it but they recently resurfaced on the local community forum declaring their intention to help facilitate community organisation.

Here is some of what they posted: "Community Organising is a form of leadership that enables a neighbourhood to organise itself to turn its resources into power to make change"

Here is a link to their organisation, Community Organisers

I genuinely believe this to be sinister but how on earth I can go onto the community forum and expect anyone to take this seriously, I don't know.
I considered posting some warning,  and spent a little time brushing up on some research just to make sure I wasn't completely missing the mark.

I wasn't.

In fact, I believe that my first impression was spot on. This was Communitarian thinking from fresh faced graduates, trained in by Common Purpose style organisations.

Here is how I see this working.

The Localism Act 2011 paved the way for grants to training providers so that a small army of Community Organisers could be created for the purpose of smoothing the transition of power from central, to local government. David Cameron had chosen big society as his pet project but I suspect that is just for the purposes of spin. The devolution of power to local government has been a global agenda for some time. Dave is just following orders in this respect. Remember Local Agenda 21? That was way back in 92, Rio.

I haven't read the Localism Act but gather that it will encourage local government to take power according to its own whims, for example, authorising the use of surveillance for relatively trivial matters such as putting the wrong material in your green bin.

Ultimately, communities grow and interact as long as individuals have freedom. The interference is designed to build communities along certain socio-political guidelines. Who decides what the guidelines are? and why? Groups like Common purpose, who have been described as a Marxist 5th column inside Britain.

As for why? the old adage applies here, "follow the money"

What we need to understand is that those who control large corporations are looking for unfettered access to our income. Having paid their subscription fees to government, they are free to begin the cash transfusion, and as financial fair play is an anathema to big business we very soon find that there is insufficient remaining to carry out the most essential of services, and breakdown in societal cohesion begins. Whereas it had traditionally been the role of government in a mixed economy, to meet the social costs of the free market, the local agenda places more of the burden onto the community to organise itself along these lines.

"You don't keep a dog and bark yourself",

We have lost our way when we don't question the legitimacy of a system where we pay to support services, such as the NHS, and then find that we have to chip in for the doctors salaries as well, and then, we cant get an appointment for that ingrowing toenail, because the GPs hours are spent treating private patients.

Why don't we just hold ourselves down while the muggers rifle through our pockets?

Then there is the philosophical side. Political correctness to the point where no-one can have an opinion lest it be considered a breach of someone else's human rights. It is the fruition of 300 plus years of relativism and now truth is a concept that soon could be outlawed by "natural law" which is really another term for "do what the heck you like"

So we are forced to keep quiet about what we really think and this devalues our communities even further, because no one trusts anyone any more. The effect is cumulative, a downward spiral of dystopia.

The relative ease by which the government is able to implement these policies, is proof to the effectiveness of transformational Marxism, especially as it presents itself in such an attractive way.
Enter your local community organiser who is going to make everything better as long as you don't wake up to the fact that our cool aid was spiked when we weren't looking.

Despite the fairy tale aspirations of this army of COs, things will continue to get worse and the frustrating thing is that nobody even seems to care.

Maybe I have got it all wrong and just need to touch base with my sanity.

#EDIT# Just came across the great article which is well worth a read:

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