Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Enlightened, Really?

I have come to the realisation that there are two basic types of people. There are those with an apocalyptic worldview and there are the Utopianists.
Of the latter there is little difference between the variations, but they are premised upon the age old Gnostic doctrine of "becoming" (Ye shall be as gods. Gen 3:5)

How utterly corrupt are the ranks of those that claim enlightenment when they speak of mans evolutionary journey, while systematically subjugating entire continents to slavery and death. Socio-political utopia in action.

I am referring primarily of the plight of Central Africa.
A recent "Top Ten" report placed the Congo as the poorest nation on earth with an average annual income of less than $200 per head, and this despite being one of the richest countries on earth in natural resources. Furthermore, Rwanda is in the news again this week as it embarks on a time of mourning, twenty years after the genocide.

The details of such suffering are truly heart wrenching, yet I believe that we owe a debt, to expose the cancerous root of the type of system which not only permits crime against humanity, but encourages it in the name of whatever nonsense ideology is popular at the time!

I have previously written about the exploits of Lever and the expropriation of huge swathes of the Belgian Congo for palm oil plantations and the ill treatment of workers under the policy of "force travail".
The facts still astound me and I struggle to understand how anyone could reach a level of disconnectedness to willingly participate is such a regime.

I read recently that while acting as Egyptian Foreign Minister, future U.N. Secretary General, Boutros Boutros-Ghali presided over the supply of the weapons which were used by Hutus to slaughter Tutsis.
The U.N. is full of apologies for not acting to stop the genocide, but it has been complicit all along.
Belgium's administration particularly had led to the ethnic tensions arising between tribes who had coexisted relatively harmoniously for centuries before.
The faulty premise that Tutsis were racially superior is explained in detail in part three of the documentary series, "All watched over by machines of loving grace" by Adam Curtis. I will post the entire series up next time.

There are few better examples of human behaviour that is beyond hypocrisy, than the treatment of the poorest people on earth by those who claim to know how society can be improved.

As for "becoming", they are actually attempting to build a world based upon Babylonian principals of rebellion towards God.

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